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Do you offer blog writing services to your clients? If so, you probably find that all the ideation, research, writing, and editing is a strain on both your staff and budget.

After all, it takes the average writer 3 hours and 16 minutes to complete a blog post. When you have multiple clients, you start wishing you had a whole fleet of writers – and a time machine.

Content is king and blogs are a service that will continue to skyrocket over the next few years. When done well, blog posts offer huge ROI for your clients. And offering stellar content adds real value for your agency as well as sets it apart from the pretenders.

What’s the solution? It’s outsourced, white label blog writing.

What Is White Label Blog Writing?

White label blog writing is a simple concept. Your marketing agency sell full-service digital marketing solutions, but you outsource the content creation vertical to dedicated experts. Then, you pass it on to your clients.

Blog writing is one of the most white label common services thanks to the increased interest in developing blogs to reach SEO goals and the size of blog content (usually 1,000 words plus). White label content creation isn’t limited to blogs. It also includes social media, web copy, and landing page copy. 

If you have a head for strategy but not enough time for execution, then white label services are for you.


5 Reasons You Need to Create Killer Blog Posts

Blog writing is officially a critical part of what clients expect from marketing agencies. Do it well – and you have a client willing to stick with you through thick and thin.

Here are just a few statistics that highlight this growing need:

  1. Fifty-five percent of marketers now make blog content creation a top inbound priority.
  2. Companies boost their linking by 97 percent with a blog alone.
  3. Clients are 434 percent more likely to secure a high SEO ranking with a blog.
  4. More is better: 16 blog posts per month generates 250 percent more traffic than 4 posts.
  5. Forty-five percent of marketers outsource blog writing.

With the need to produce both quality and quantity that outperforms competitors every time, marketing agencies turn to outsourced white label blogging experts to master both without missing a beat.

Why Choose White Label Blog Writing Over Pre-Written Content and Freelancer Platforms?

White label services cater to marketing companies who need content quickly. With a dedicated staff of high-level writers and editors, turning around content is fast and easy.

Buying pre-written content works well for one-off purchases when you need a blog post here or a web page there. But it doesn’t scale well. The same is true of  the freelancer platforms currently available. Hiring a single or even multiple freelancers to write your blog posts is time consuming and costly: you have to hire them, brief them, edit their work, and you’re at the whim of their schedules.

When you choose an agency, a team leader provides the briefing and editors ensure that all written work matches the brief before it reaches your desk. Plus, the writers are already vetted, hired, and strategically assigned to the projects where they offer the most expertise. All you need to do is tell them what you need, and it magically appears in your inbox.

Why Outsourcing Your Blog Writing Will Transform Your Agency

Talk to an agency who outsources their blog writing, and you’ll quickly discover that leaving the creation to content experts does more than just take the responsibility of writing off your shoulders.

It opens up new opportunities to transform your marketing agency into what you always envisioned it can be.

First, outsourcing means you have the option to scale your agency without hiring staff. Grow your services and your marketing list without adding profit-sucking overhead costs.

Then there’s the question of quality. When you write your own content, you’re limited by your current team’s experience. That means your ability to write authoritatively on subjects is finite by default. By outsourcing your team, you open up your content creation to specialists across a wider spectrum of industries and specialties.

Just like that, you can pitch (and win) more clients.

Of course, there’s also the joy of working with one single person to create your entire suite of content. When you work with an white label agency, you check in with one project manager – not a long list of writers and editors.

Finally, outsourcing cuts out waste. All agencies’ work ebbs-and-flows throughout the year according to clients’ budgets and the seasonality of industries. When you work with an agency, you pay for what you need when you need it. You aren’t paying for words you don’t order, so you aren’t wasting valuable hours.

How Does Outsourced White Label Content Creation Work?

You send us your content creation brief that perfectly outlines your client, their needs, and their content goals. We write the new content according to the brief. 

You don’t pay for anything you can’t use. That’s why we offer a review process so you (and your client, if you prefer) are confident that your blog posts match your winning strategy.

We take your feedback (if you have any) on board and make any adjustments so your content is ready to go live when you receive it.

Who Owns the Content?

You – the buyer – always own 100 percent of the content you purchase. We provide white label content for marketing agencies to grow your services, improve blog content across the board, and help you win and keep clients.

Are you drowning in 1,000 word blog posts and wonder if you’ll ever emerge? Is all that writing and editing stopping you from growing your marketing or communications business? Let xx xx help. Get in touch to see if you’re a good fit for our white label content services.Agency Writing