Is Your Marketing Agency or Communications Firm a Good Fit ?

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Do you offer blog writing services to your clients? If so, you probably find that all the ideation, research, writing, and editing is a strain on both your staff and budget. After all, it takes the average writer 3 hours =and 16 minutes to complete a blog post. When you have multiple clients, you start wishing you had a whole fleet of writers – and a time machine.

Content is king and blogs are a service that will continue to skyrocket over the next few years. When done well, blog posts offer huge ROI for your clients. And offering stellar content adds real value for your agency as well as sets it apart from the pretenders

That’s why so many agencies and marketing teams now outsource their web content to a team of dedicated writers.

“But that’s for other agencies,” you think. Maybe so. But are you increasingly wondering whether outsourcing is the right business decision for you?


Q: Who’s Outsourcing Their Web Content? A: Almost Everyone

In today’s business climate, every marketing dollar counts for both you and your clients. That’s why more than half of small businesses (52 percent) have already or will outsource at least one business process in 2019.

It’s true; outsourcing is your competition’s secret weapon in many areas of their business.

Let’s also remember that content marketing made up 30 percent of all marketing budgets in 2017. Plus, 77 percent of companies intended to increase their content production in 2018 and 2019. With those figures, you can be sure that the top agencies you compete with also enlist some help with writing.

Should you?

5 Signs You’re a Good Fit for Agency Writing

How do you know if outsourcing your content is something that would benefit you? There are five red flags that suggest you should hand over the reins to a team of content professionals.

  1. You Say ‘Good Enough’ When You Hit Submit

Think writing blog posts or web page content is easy? Are you happy to crank out 500 or even 1,000 words and call it a day?

Whether it’s because you’re under the impression that writing content is easy (it’s not) or you think no one even reads blogs (they do), thinking whatever you write ‘will be fine’ is a sign you should ask for help.

2. You Don’t Love Sitting Down to Write

Do you suddenly find the urge to tidy your desk or put together an expense report when it’s time to write?

Readers spend 15 seconds reading each page, and they can pick out content that the author hated writing in a second. Not only are bored writers less engaging, but all that writing takes up your time when you could be doing something else – or even something you absolutely love.

3. Your Blogs Aren’t Getting Numbers

What do your clients’ blogs stats look like? Are you gaining traction, or are they just part of the furniture on your website?

All content is important, but blogs, in particular, have the power to:

  • Generate 97 percent more links to company websites
  • Bring 55 percent more visitors to company websites
  • Offer 67 percent more leads
  • Enjoy an ROI 13x higher than without a blog

Content converts. Yours can, too. You need to ask for help if you aren’t moving the needle for your clients.

4. You Don’t Have Time to Post Frequently

Want the most from your content? You need consistency.

According to HubSpot, you get 3.5x more tractions when you publish at least four times a week (16+ posts a month) compared to publishing once a week. Few business owners have the time to do that for one client – forget the enter client list.

If you don’t have time to write full time, then your clients are missing out. Keep them happy by outsourcing your writing to meet production deadlines and grow their readers.

5. You Don’t Have the In-House Expertise for Every Client

Unless you’re a niche marketing agency, you probably take on clients from multiple industries. You may not be familiar enough to create long-form content for each one of them, and you may not sound authoritative enough.

Outsourcing means you have wider access to writers across multiple specialties. They already know what you don’t, and they’ll write each piece expertly.

Why Choose to Keep Your Content In-House?

Are you worried about letting go of your content and relying on a team of people who work in another office or even another city? While outsourcing benefits many agencies, there are good reasons to keep at least some of your content in-house.

Using your own team to create content means you already intimately know your market. Although an outsourced team learns through your briefs, there’s no doubt that it’s writers who work in your industry and with your customers who have the most narrow focus during topic creation and the writing phase.

You also have more direct control over the content you create in-house. If total control is vital to your business, then keeping some work in-house is a good idea.

Why Outsource Your Content?

For many growing agencies, it’s simple: you need to offer content creation, but you don’t want to write nor do you want to hire an in-house team or fleet of freelancers.

Outsourcing content allows you to add more value to your clients’ marketing budget while also growing your business. If you’re an up-and-coming agency, outsourcing is a chance to compete with the huge agencies who have the budget for full-time writers. It makes content creation services possible for you and allows you to pitch confidently to more (and bigger) clients.

It also allows you to save money. You can save tens of thousands of dollars when you buy content services versus. hiring a full-time writer. Then, there’s the money you recapture with all the time saved. You can finally dedicate your time to the most critical parts of your business – tasks only you can do – without feeling as though you might be missing out on other opportunities.

When you outsource, you get all this with a guarantee of quality work every time.

Do you wonder whether outsourcing content is the right move for your business? You might be a good fit for ours. Get in touch to learn how we can grow together and make clients’ dreams come true.