Are You Tired of Complex Pricing Structures for Simple Writing Tasks?

Are our competitors making it too complex and time-consuming for you to order and pay for blog articles, emails, and web page content?

We’re here to fix all that with simple pricing that leads to outstanding results.

Our pricing is flat-rate 10 cents per word.

That’s it. – It’s that simple.

How Ordering Works

To order your web page content, email, or blog writing, just make contact with our team through the contact form on our hompage or by calling 902-932-7211.

We’ll get all the details from you and take a 50% deposit on your order via PayPal. The remaining 50% of the order is due upon the successful and satisfactory completion of your project.

How Does Pricing and Process Work for Ongoing Writing Work with

Ongoing work is priced the same, at 10 cents per word. The difference is in the billing. Once a client has proven their willingness and ability to pay for our services, we are happy to bill them at the end of each month with payment due immediately.

We work within a project management system and will set up your team with access so they can add pieces that need to be written, make comments, and approve submitted pieces.