Email Campaign Creation

Outsourced, White Label Email Writing for Marketing and Communications Firms

The correct email marketing strategy is vital to turn interested parties into paying customers or to keep current clients engaged and informed. Striking the right balance in any email campaign is critical to realizing an optimal conversion rate. The key to achieving this lies in conveying the pertinent information in an engaging and conversational tone. Agency Writing’s team has the necessary skills to get your company’s emails the attention they deserve.

What is Email Campaign Writing?

Email campaign writing is an important component of any robust marketing strategy. This type of writing hinges upon the ability to deliver the necessary content in a package that drives the recipient towards the desired action: engagement with a company and its products and services.

Since email is easily dismissed and often flagged as “junk mail” or “spam,” a tagline that grabs the reader’s attention is necessary to ensure the message isn’t relegated to the trash bin without having even been opened. Once this has been successfully achieved, it is necessary to present the business’ message in a focused manner, providing information that is relevant and helpful to the reader in a manner that engenders feelings of trust in the writer.

Email campaigns can come in several different forms, including monthly newsletters, weekly or monthly emailed blogs, or a strategic flow of emails to a list of subscribers or a base target audience based on promotions, specials, or points of interest. Though the vehicle to use for this type of marketing may differ, the elements of each of these emails remains the same to achieve maximum efficacy.

Five Reasons Marketing Firms Need Email Campaign Writing

  • Today’s consumers respond best to email.
  • It is an inexpensive form of advertising.
  • You can reach a larger target audience via mobile technologies.
  • It allows for the use of more features.
  • It has a high return on investment.

What Can I Expect from Outsourced, White Label Email Writing for My Marketing Company?

The team of professional writers at Agency Writing understands how to carefully craft white label emails to achieve maximum impact. We possess the necessary experience to promote optimal customer engagement with all email initiatives through a vibrant writing style, which helps to get our clients noticed.

We employ industry-leading best practices for effective email campaign writing such as:

  • The design and implementation of a comprehensive content strategy
  • The careful crafting of high impact subject lines
  • The use of personalization to strike the right tone
  • The employment of data analytics to streamline messages to reach specific audiences with specific products and services
  • The optimization for mobile device use to reach a greater target market
  • The strategic use of message preview text for maximum benefit
  • Regular email testing to ensure proper functionality and to maintain a current database
  • Monitoring of each email marketing campaigns performance to drive future decisions and writing initiatives
  • An effective call to action

Why Choose Agency Writing?

Agency Writing delivers strategic email campaign writing to help marketing firms achieve their goals. By outsourcing all email marketing efforts to our team of professional writers, businesses gain the freedom to devote themselves to other important marketing tasks to provide well-rounded initiatives for their valued clients.

The prices for our white label email services are affordable, and the end result is highly effective. We make it our highest priority to help our clients make the transition from simply a reader to a satisfied customer.