Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Agency Writing proudly offers top-tier copywriting services to help marketing and communications agencies across North America, Europe, and Australia provide high-quality written content for their website projects and ongoing content requirements.

Our team of professional writers encompasses a wide swath of industry backgrounds, enabling us to competently tackle content creation across a breadth of verticals.

With over ten years of successful copywriting experience to our credit, we have the ability to take the writing load off of your agency’s staff and craft unique content which accurately communicates your client’s message.

Our staff of highly qualified writers is familiar with all pertinent style guides, including the Associated Press Stylebook (AP), the Modern Language Association (MLA), and the Chicago Manual of Style. This deep understanding of the most commonly utilized writers’ stylistic resources enables us to create grammatically correct content across a large geographic base.

But it’s not just about technically accurate and grammatically correct writing, is it?

Your clients need websites, blog content, and email marketing that sells the product and elevates their brand.

That’s what we do.

That’s why marketing firms and communications shops across three continents trust us to act as an outsourced part of their own internal website creation and ongoing content creation team.

What is Outsourced Content Writing?

Marketing companies excel at helping their clients present themselves in their most flattering light. While many marketing executives can recognize high-quality writing, they lack the time or the ability to create engaging and effective web copy on their own. That’s where outsourced content writing comes into play. Simply put, outsourced content writing is the delegation of content creation to an outside writing agency.

No one company can excel at every aspect of a marketing strategy; outsourcing certain aspects of a campaign is a savvy and essential part of maintaining a successful marketing firm.  There are many benefits to marketing firms who seek to outsource their content writing to a business like Agency Writing.

The staff of professional writers at Agency Writing provide marketing firms with the following:

  • The ability to effectively reach a client’s target audience
  • The skill of crafting content that is engaging and easy to read
  • The art of content that is optimized to promote a Google first page ranking
  • Assistance with building a client’s brand
  • The provision of high quality, unique content in the style and medium required
  • A skillset which encompasses deep knowledge of a wide breadth of industries

Why Outsource Your Marketing Firm’s Writing to Agency Writing?

Effective marketing firms recognize that no matter how good their staff may be, they cannot do it all. Many companies try to manage every aspect of a marketing campaign themselves until their strategic offerings are no longer yielding their desired results, and they are forced to analyze where the weak link in the chain may be.

Most people believe they possess the skills to write well. However, it takes a unique skill set to adequately convey a client’s message in persuasive enough language to engage their target audience. A layman’s approach is inadequate to the task.

If your marketing firm is struggling with reaching their targeted client objectives, your content may be to blame. Whether you simply dislike writing, are struggling to complete content assignments in a timely manner, or lack the ability to craft the right kind of content, Agency Writing’s team of highly skilled writers can help get you back on target.

Among the things we provide for each of our valued marketing firm clients are:

  • Content that is written to promote search engine optimization
  • 100% original web copy for each client
  • Strict adherence to SEO best practices to promote a Google 1st page ranking
  • High-quality, uniquely crafted content on an as-needed basis
  • Written materials composed in the correct style for the correct audience
  • Punctual observance of deadlines
  • Rapid turnaround times to content creation requests
  • Copy that is current, engaging, and “to the point”

Six Statistics in Support of Outsourcing Content Creation

  • 44% of B2B Marketers choose to outsource their content creation to qualified writing agencies.
  • 57% of B2B Marketers outsource multiple aspects of their marketing campaigns, including content writing, editing, design work, and distribution.
  • 42% of Marketing Executives believe they lack the necessary skills to craft high quality, engaging content.
  • 60% of all Marketing Firms must craft at least one piece of unique content of approximately 1,000 words per day.
  • 93% of all Marketers make use of content marketing in their everyday work.
  • 86% of Marketing Firms that are considered to be the most effective make regular use of outsourced content marketing services.

What Types of Content Does Agency Writing Offer Marketing Firms?

  • Email Campaign Writing
  • Blog Post Writing
  • Web Page Writing

What Advantages Does My Marketing Firm Gain from Agency Writing?

Marketing Firms that choose to partner with Agency Writing for all of their content creation needs gain access to a team of professionals who can take their web copy to the next level. Our team of professional wordsmiths possesses the ability to elevate the written word through careful persuasive writing geared towards each client’s target market. We possess the ability to strike the right tone while conveying our client’s message and brand in a series of concise and thoughtfully selected words.

Each of our writers makes use of style variations to maintain interest and create web copy that is vibrant and original regardless of industry. We offer a fresh perspective of each client’s products and service offerings, allowing us to bring an innovative viewpoint to their readers. Committed to each client’s success, we endeavor to perfectly capture the essence of who and what a company has to offer through well-written copy.

  • Allows marketing executives to focus on other important campaign initiatives
  • Promotes increased traffic from targeted social media exposure
  • Implements current SEO strategies to achieve and maintain Google first page ranking
  • Improves sales through greater traffic routed organically
  • Assures each written piece is grammatically correct and detail rich
  • Provides pieces of varying lengths and in different styles to meet each client’s needs